STEP Systematic Training for effective Parenting

The courses are based on a lot of practical experience and individual personal evaluation. It is extremely important to recognize your resources, build on them, strengthen them, and accompany each family individually on their journey.

In the STEP parenting course, you will learn about a democratic, loving yet firm approach to dealing with your children.

  • Misbehaviors of children will be evaluated from a new perspective, and practical exercises will be conducted to demonstrate how we can change our reactions and attitudes.
  • We learn to distinguish between encouragement and praise, and how to recognize the strengths and efforts of our children.
  • We practice two communication models, "Reflective Listening" and "I-Messages", to promote mutual, respectful communication.
  • You will receive support on how to encourage your children towards independence according to their age for a cooperative, respectful interaction.
  • The course will also highlight how to use discipline effectively and set boundaries.

Over the course of 8 sessions, each lasting 2.5 hours, totaling 20 lessons, you will be provided with opportunities for reflection and exchange through stimuli, presentations with practical examples from everyday life, and video sequences. Emphasis is placed on highlighting your own resources and paving a clear path for how you can practically apply them.

STEP - Course for parents with children birth to 12 years

  1. Course Sequence - Parenting styles and goals, Identify the belongings of misbehavior
  2. Course Sequence - Identify the four goals of misbehavior, change response to it
  3. Course Sequence - Encouragement
  4. Course Sequence - Reflective Listening
  5. Course Sequence - I-Messages
  6. Course Sequence - Cooperation
  7. Course Sequence - Discipline that make sense
  8. Course Sequence - STEP Strategy


STEP Course
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Per Person SFr. 400.--
Per Couple SFr. 640.--

Course online 8 sessions

Thursdays 7.30 - 10pm

February 1st - June 6th 2024